Experiencing God – moving people
We are building a church for our city, a spiritual home, where everyone finds and develops a passion for Jesus and his or her place in god’s plan for the world.


We are building a church that is contemporary, true-to-life and relevant. We believe: The beginning of a life as a Christian is marked by the personal encounter with god. Otherwise everything als remains knowledge, education and tradition. It is the purpose of the church to make the gospel comprehensible and to worship god in a way that is easy to access for everyone. Living with god is inspirational, liberating and full of hope. We dream of providing a spiritual home to people of all ages and origins. Where they can be with god and part of a strong community. We dream of people being moved and discovering the life for which they were created. We dream of people becoming a bridge to god for other people, people who can not stop talking about this god who became man in Christ and gave everything for us.




„I am part of a church that takes the sense of life of this generation seriously, that sincerely cares about people and that does everything it can to provide a real home.“



„I am part of a church where everyone loves to give his best for god and for people.“


Our values are our DNA, the inner constructions plan of the church. They describe how we do, what we do. Every part of our personal and our church life shall reflect them.


„I am part of a church that is generous with people and which generously handles the building of god’s kingdom.“



„I am part of a church that helps people to thrive and unfold their full potential.“

We desire those values to be perceptible in our church and that the people in our church live them.


„I am part of a church where people treat each other appreciative and with respect and where people to take responsibilities are recognized with gratitude.“


„I am part of a church that invites people to a perceptable encounter with God and looks for God’s glory always.“


„I am part of a church where people are there for each other, where you forgive each other and where friendships develop that are able to give support and energy.“


CZD was found in 1991 and is member of Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden (BFP) KdöR. Further on CZD belongs to Evangelische Allianz and Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Christlichen Kirchen (ACK) in Düsseldorf and is ecumenical partner of the two big christian churches as well as many other christian denominations.