LJK is CZD’s youth ministry. Youth services, activities and fun – you can network with other 13-21 year olds. Get to know God and get to know new people, with whom you’ll love to spend your friday nights.

EVERY FRIDAY #inder111

19.00 Arriving
19.30 Start
Followed by: Snacks, drinks and community.
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At our YOUTH SERVICES it is all about the encounter with god in an athmosphere that invites you to celebrate him. We focus on a worship time with the LJK Band and a bible-based input and always take our time for prayer and conversation. Afterwards we enjoy good food, we play Wii, and have a good time together.
Thrice a year we invite all young people in Düsseldorf to our big [laif] events. At those events we want to celebrate life and God and network with each other.


We have small groups for girls or boys. They play a decisive role. You get to know people that fit to you. Often real friendships develop out of this. In honest conversations and profound discussions we talk about the key questions of life and faith. Small groups encourage you meet challenges and to passionately follow Jesus.

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